Michael Harlan Turkell's book, ACID TRIP, out since August and available here, has no index.  This is purposeful; you're meant to follow the author's travels through the world, stumbling on methods and techniques for the creation and use of vinegar along the way.  The 'Dressings & Sauces' portion of the table of contents leads you to, in sequence, the following pages: 115, 180, 41, 34, 236.

This conceit in another person's hands might get frustrating, but the reader is lucky that Turkell is an engaging storyteller, so you don't mind that the chronogeological basis for the book's organization presents recipes, history, technical how-to, and serious foodie namedropping all together in the same course.  It doesn't careen so much as wander, and it's a much better format for a cookbook than the dry old vignette/recipe alternation, as long as the author is interesting and personable.

Listen to Turkell yourself talk about vinegar here at this Bon Appetit podcast, before you go cop a copy.  Do it for National Vinegar Day on November 1st!