Aronia Berry Vinegar

Aronia Berry Vinegar 375 mL 3.JPG
Aronia Berry Vinegar 375 mL 3.JPG

Aronia Berry Vinegar


Aronia berries: tremendously astringent in raw form! Their tannin here is modulated with raw apple cider; the two mellow together as they ferment, yielding a ruby red vinegar with a deep and dry, grape-skin red wine quality.

This vinegar’s dry quality makes it a great choice for sweet or rich recipes that seek balance, like red onion jam. Its red wine character means it makes a fantastic chimichurri!

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Ingredients: Raw Pennsylvania Apple Cider, Organic Aronia Berries, Vinegar Mother

375 mL / 12.68 fl oz.

Please note, bottles are marked “Refrigerate After Opening”. The vinegar will never spoil at room temperature, but the probiotics it contains will create a raft that floats in the bottle. Please keep the vinegar in cold storage to avoid the inconvenience.