Ginger Vinegar

Ginger Vinegar 375 mL 2.JPG
Ginger Vinegar 375 mL 2.JPG

Ginger Vinegar


The ginger in our vinegar gives a warm glow and a spiky punch! As always, the ginger is sourced directly from a local, responsible grower, so we get beautiful little baby roots with soft skin and little stems.

Ginger vinegar is a natural in shrubs and cocktails, as well as in any pickle brine. Stir with some soy sauce for an excellent beginning of a teriyaki or ponzu sauce!

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Ingredients: Raw Pennsylvania Apple Cider from 3 Springs Fruit Farm, Organic Young Ginger Root from Moon Valley Farm, Vinegar Mother

375 mL / 12.68 fl oz.

Please note, bottles are marked “Refrigerate After Opening”. The vinegar will never spoil at room temperature, but the probiotics it contains will create a raft that floats in the bottle. Please keep the vinegar in cold storage to avoid the inconvenience.